2014 – 2015

I’ve not updated in a while, here’s what I have been up to for the last two years.

iOS7 Rundown

index_hero_keyframeQuick rundown of new features in iOS7 revealed at WWDC 2013

  • Apple has gone for flat design, doing away the skeuomorphic look that has been around since the original iPhone.
  • A massive feature added is the control centre, bringing it in line with the capabilities of the Android system. No turning on/off WIFI or Bluetooth will be just a swipe away.
  • iOS 7 has given a revamp to multitasking and added background processing to apps.
  • OS X’s AirDrop will be introduced to iOS7, allowing users to share photos and files with other iOS7 users within range.
  • Safari has been given a new look, similar to chrome, including tabbed view and integrating iCloud’s Keychain with a password generator.
  • The camera has also undergone a redesign, everything being in access of a swipe and introducing square photos and filters.

iOS7 is due to be released in Autumn

Vine – make a scene

I downloaded vine at the weekend, so far I’m impressed. They announced on their blog that they had been acquired by Twitter, then Facebook promptly removed access to finding contacts (war continues).

At the moment I’m just playing around with the concept, I think it will have much more to offer if it becomes a more integrated part of Twitter.

It’s an app I recommend. You can download vine for your iPhone / iPad here.

Space Mining vs. The Moon

This is most likely to be more science fiction than fact, but the recent news that several companies are looking to exploit asteroids by mining as a means to extract rare elements has got me thinking.

I asked Prof Brian Cox for answers:

He is yet to reply but I’m hopeful that he will. My main concern is if Earths gravitational influence is affected, could the moon stop moving away from us and actually reverse and come closer or worse still… crash into the earth.

I’m sure there was a film about this.

[Image Credit: NASA]